About Us


Uppity Puggity is Australian owned and operated, based in the picturesque Sunshine Coast in Queensland's Great South East.

Our packaging is simple and as environmentally friendly as we can get it.  Our envelopes are 100% recycled (new, but made of recycled stuff) and always need some reinforcement.  We use landfill-biodegradable sticky-tape for this reinforcement. We do not use any additional single-use plastic in our packaging other than than what some of our items are packaged in by our suppliers or when we need to use a plastic post bag for Parcel Post or Express Post.  We hope that you dispose of this plastic thoughtfully, after re-purposing it.

We aim to be your preferred dog and cat supplies shop with everything you need for your fur child from puppy/kitten to senior. We keep our prices low all the time, because we can. Our range is always growing to include your favourite products and brands. If you have a preferred brand that we do not have advertised, please let us know and we will endeavour to source it.

We believe in quality and stock only high quality items in terms of durability, design and aesthetics.

We are a dog and cat supplies store catering for canines and felines of all breeds, shapes, colours and sizes. We are proudly pug obsessed, kindly dedicated to the pugloving community and spreading the puglove. We are lovers of ALL animals, but we have a squishy soft spot for cats and dogs.

We support the RSPCA and the great work their volunteers do in helping animals in need. We love our pets, they are family, they are loved.

We are a provider of accessories for your pug, dog and cat, but we don’t sell pugs, dogs or cats. We leave that to the registered experts!

Uppity Puggity is a powerhouse micro-business. When you purchase from Uppity Puggity, you are purchasing from a fellow Australian with superior after-sales service, keeping the Aussie dollar in Australia, paying local taxes and creating local employment.



Our purpose is to create long-term value and exceptional service to our customers and stakeholders.

We are successful in creating value when:

  • Our customers and suppliers benefit from our trading relationships
  • Our employees are fulfilled with a sense of achievement & recognition

Our core values are based on:

  • Honesty & integrity
  • Innovation & responsiveness to our customer needs
  • An unwavering focus on health & safety
  • The courage to be change leaders
  • Excellence over mediocrity
  • A drive to continually improve our cost platform


Registered Business Name:  Uppity Puggity

ABN:  59 697 893 077