FuzzYard Lumberjack Knitted Coat with Hood

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FuzzYard Lumberjack Knitted Coat with Hood

Is your dog a hipster?! They'll be set in this poppin Red & Black Lumberjack Jacket! It's crazy warm and super comfy with a removable hood!  Now all they need is a beard and a soy latte!

Available in sizes: 1, 2, 3, 4

Material: Shell - 100% Polyester, Lining - 100% Polyester, Rib - 100% Cotton, Filling - 100% Polyester

Sizing Chart:                                                                                                            
Size         1                      2                        3                        4
Chest      38-39cm          44-45cm            51-52cm            59-60cm                                         
              15-15.4inch     17.3-17.7inch    20.1-20.5inch    23.2-23.6inch           
Length    26-29cm          30-33cm            35-38.5cm         40-41cm                  
              10.2-11.6inch  11.8-13inch       13.8-15.2inch     15.7-16.1inch      
Neck       24-26cm          28-29cm           33-35cm             37-39cm                
              9.4-10.2inch    11-11.8inch       13-13.8inch        14.6-15.4inch