Safety Belt Clip

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ROGZ Safety Belt Clip


  • Easy to Fit Just clip to harness.
  • Comfortable Allows movement within a safe range.
  • Safety Dog cannot pull out.

Buckle up your dog in the car! ROGZ knows how precious your dogz are. They have developed the ROGZ Safety Belt Clip for those of you who take their driving and safety seriously. No more Fido jumping on your lap whilst you try and negotiate the corner. No more Rex drooling down your neck and onto the collar of your favourite t-shirt. Just slip the seatbelt through the loop of the Safety Belt Clip, clip it onto your dog's ROGZ Harness (not collar) and your precious cargo (and you) can enjoy your joyride in your car stress free!

  Black, DayGlo

Size  4.5cm webbing (width), 21cm length

CAUTION  This product is designed to be used with a ROGZ Harness to help prevent driver distraction and restrain the dog to one position in the vehicle. In the event of a car accident it may not prevent injury to the passengers or your dog.