Winter Duffel Coat with Removable Hood - Army Green

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Fuzz Yard Winter Duffel with Removable Hood & Trim - Army Green

Do you want your dog to be the most stylish dog in the city? Well then you best be getting them all one of these amazing duffel jackets. Let your canine walk the streets in style!

Available in sizes: 1, 2, 3, 4

Sizing Chart:
Size         1                      2                        3                        4
Chest      38-39cm          44-45cm            51-52cm            59-60cm                                           
              15-15.4inch      17.3-17.7inch    20.1-20.5inch    23.2-23.6inch          
Length    26-29cm          30-33cm            35-38.5cm         40-41cm                   
              10.2-11.6inch  11.8-13inch       13.8-15.2inch     15.7-16.1inch      
Neck       24-26cm          28-29cm           33-35cm             37-39cm                 
               9.4-10.2inch    11-11.8inch       13-13.8inch        14.6-15.4inch